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Beautiful Minds is a Pune-based store showcasing unique products made by the differently-abled or, as we like to call them, the ‘Beautiful Minds’. We provide a marketing platform for products made by the differently-abled, inspiring change in their lives by ensuring them a steady source of income.


We have a range of products such as educational toys, stuffed toys, jewelry, stoles, bags and clutches, stationery, mugs, candles, trays and coasters, and biodegradable leafware amongst others, all of which work to benefit local communities in one way or another.


Beautiful Minds is founded by Reshma Desai, who majored in Clinical Psychology, with a dream to help the differently-abled. She realized that despite their challenges, differently-abled individuals are creatively inclined. Creative arts and crafts help to channelize their energy, and the sale of their creations on an online platform offers them regular income. The Beautiful Minds Store brings these two factors together, and is the realization of Reshma’s dream.


At Beautiful Minds, the quality and finish of a product are two important criteria of selection. We source products from more than fifteen NGOs across India that work with differently-abled individuals namely Shraddha, Om, Blue Mango, RTU, Bethany, Advitya, Atulyakala, Kshitij, MESH, Trash to cash, Prowess, Prayatna, Kamayani, Nirmalya, Navkshitij, Diya Foundation, Kiran Village. These NGOs engage excellent designers who create contemporary designs and concentrate on the finish of the product. Generally, people tend to underestimate the quality of products made by challenged individuals. Through this initiative we intend to bridge the gap between maker and buyer.  Some of our products are also made in-house by differently-abled artists, in an effort to offer them employment as they explore their artistic abilities.


We invite you to explore the diversity of our products, and of the people who make them.


BeautifulMinds Store process
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