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How we curate the Beautiful Minds collection

At Beautiful Minds, the quality and finish of a product are two important criteria of selection. We source products from more than twenty NGOs across India that work with differently-abled individuals.

Generally, people tend to underestimate the quality of products made by challenged individuals. The NGOs we deal with engage excellent designers who create contemporary designs and concentrate on the finish of the products. As a result, the products are well-finished. We have a range of products such as educational toys, stuffed toys, jewelry, stoles, bags and clutches, stationery, mugs, candles, trays and coasters, biodegradable leaf-ware and so on, all of which meet the quality standards of the Beautiful Minds Store.

We have one challenged artist working with us right now. Going forward, I would like to engage a few more differently-abled individuals to expand our in-house range of products.

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