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3 New Products that Keep me Organised

The festive season is round the corner. It is the perfect time to clear the decks and develop some new habits to help you get your life organised, whether at home or in the office, and keep it that way. We've created some items that will make the process easier for you. Drop in at Beautiful Minds to check out the attractive organisers made by our in-house artist, Uma.

Minimalism is the key to a stress-free work environment, beginning with your office desk. When you open up space on your desk you will find that work happens much easier and faster. Organize your desk using this innovative card holder, which will help you to locate your visiting cards easily, especially during your busy office schedule.

Take this efficiency home with you as well. Start by putting our pretty Magnetic Note Pad up on your fridge, and you will know just where to write down a list of groceries you need to buy or that quick phone number. What is great is that it comes with a pen and a pen holder. Trust me, it makes life really, really easy.

It is important to inculcate early in kids the habit of keeping things organised. It will take them a long way in life. That's why I love organising my daughter's room. It is a place she uses to read, sleep, study and do a lot of DIY's. She involves herself in doing colouring activities on the weekends. I have organised her art supplies especially the colour pencils in a Roll-up pencil case. She loves it when her things are well-organised. The peppy colours of the case and the pencils put together add a special joy to the room.

Being organised is not about being perfect; it's about customising your whole world to work for you!

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